Life's a Pitch!

Pitching for work is one of the most important aspects of our company life, and as much care, time, thought and creative energy has to go into a pitch as into the job itself.

Maybe even more, because you only get one chance to land the job, and you have to set out to prove that you’re better than any of the other companies around.

It’s great for the company that’s dangling the carrot in front of the event companies, because they know they’re going to be treated to the best efforts of some very skilled and well-resourced organisations, but it’s nail-biting stuff for us at 360 Degrees.

More importantly, though, it’s a great opportunity for us to keep our skills sharp and to try to be better than we were last time. More importantly, it gives us a chance to see how we measure up to our competitors.

Once we get the brief from the company, we spend many hours thrashing out concepts and details, and then go into a creative process that is as intense and layered as it would be were the job already ours. Designs are conceived, sketched, drawn and refined, and a detailed model of the design is created.

The proposal is drafted, re-drafted, and drafted again, until everyone is satisfied that the presentation is as pithy and succinct as it can be, and as striking and effective as possible. Hours of rehearsal go into making the presentation a beguiling piece of theatre in its own right.

While the Creative Department is breathing life into the pitch, the boffins in the Production Department are hard at work turning dreams and visions and other such flights of fancy into a realistic and manageable budget – one that meets the stipulations and criteria of the potential client’s demands.

(It’s pointless coming up with exploding battleships and dancing elephants on a budget of tuppence ha’penny, after all.)

Once the pitch has been done, everyone waits anxiously to hear whether the work of art on which we all spent so much time, care and creative pride has been given the go-ahead. It’s an occupational hazard that at least some of our pitches will end sadly for us...

... but the good news is that we have had confirmation, in recent times, that our skills as a company have been pitted against some really big names, and that we’ve emerged triumphant.

Proof that 360 Degrees must be doing something right!