360 Degrees goes 24 hours at Le Mans

When your client is a major motor manufacturer, one of their prized cars is a strong contender for the title in the Le Mans 24 Hour, and they want to host the petrolheads in the motoring media, you grab the opportunity with both hands!

It’s not often that 360 Degrees gets to do a 24-hour event – well, a little longer than that, in fact – but fortunately, the Corvette was indeed the winner in its GTPro class, so it was all worth it.

This also gave us a fantastic opportunity to do something different, and keeping 20 or so motoring journos happy for 24 hours was a challenge that our team delighted in rising to.

The myriad live Twitter feeds were as breathtakingly exciting – and excited – as the race itself, with tension and anticipation mounting in the tweets as the race neared the business end.

Not only that, there was a kind of endurance race all of its own going on at the event, with tweets in the wee small hours showing photographs of who the diehards were.

One of the highlights of the event was when our client had his tweet read out in the global presentation, so our event was, for a brief, glorious moment, a focus of world attention.

There were plenty of beanbags and blankets for the sleepy people, and some need-for-speed type video games for those who wanted to pretend they were right inside the race.

Spoiler alert: motoring journalists all have sweet tooths (or is it teeth?), evidenced by the fact that one of our team had to go in search of an open sweetie shop in the middle of the night!

The victory was celebrated with copious amounts of bubbly stuff – because, when the going gets tough, the tough get thirsty.