Masters of Ceremony

What makes a top MC a master of the task?

What is the value-add for that big awards event, on which you’re spending many thousands of Rands to recognise and endorse the fine achievements of your company?

Is it okay to let Brian from Accounts handle all the intros and announcements?

Or does your company need a professional MC, who is equal to the high standards you demand of yourselves in your own discipline?

We think so.

At 360 Degrees we want your MC to be someone who understands the form, finer detail, rigour, discipline, good humour and confidence that glues a fine ceremony together.

Someone who makes you look good.

(Because when you’ve experienced the best, it’s a complete no-brainer.)

Ursula (Stapelfeldt) Chikane is a regular contributor to 360 Degrees corporate event productions, and is always regarded as a highly valued member of the team.

Her research is impeccable. She comes to each event having thoroughly prepared the script and background to the event. She knows and understands the client company’s core business, their latest innovations and their profile in the world of business.

She knows who is part of the leadership and management teams, and she makes it her business to make every person who steps on stage feel comfortable and at ease.

She checks and re-checks the pronunciation of every name (How do YOU pronounce Labuschagne?) and she is unfailingly calm, good-humoured, and un-ruffled.

What we’ve learned from Ms Chikane is that a top MC is worth her weight in gold.