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Gigrig stage.
The Gig Rig & Huawei Mobile: branding via permanent impermanence
Let’s talk pop-ups. They’re everywhere. You can’t sneeze without slightly wetting a new shop, bar, restaurant, pool or even hotel … before someone turns that particular page, shutting the temporary…
9 ways to separate mice and women
9 ways to separate mice and wo/men
3 tips for finding a fresh conference or event presenter (Part II of II) You need to find a speaker for your conference. Where should you start?  Start here, with the advice of Tiffany Markman –…
9 ways to separate mice and women
9 ways to separate mice and wo/men
How to tell if a conference speaker measures up (Part I of II) Think about the last speaker you watched at a conference or, more specifically, the last presenter your company paid money to deliver…
Tree in autumn with sunlight.
8 tips for optimising your work space
Here’s how you can optimise the work space you’re in: Forget ‘open-plan vs cubicle’ and give people multiple modes of working. Seriously and actively go paperless, via the cloud, islands of servers…
IAB Bookmark Awards panel.
We nailed the IAB Digital Bookmark awards 2018
360 Degrees curated a line-up of 21 speakers who covered topics from transformation to the creation of meaningful content and compliance. With clever incorporation of the Pecha Kucha presentation…