Guests trigger the augmented reality for this fully immersive and disruptive 360 Degrees conference.

What makes good event content?

Tough question, that. But we’re not afraid of tough questions. So we’ll start by telling you what good event content isn’t.

It isn’t…

  1. stolen/borrowed YouTube videos featuring other people (i.e. not the speaker)
  2. random anecdotes designed for cheap laughs, sentimental feels, or ego boosts
  3. digital bang-fizz or interactive event content that exists for its own sake
  4. talent that’s pretty or famous – but not independently intelligent in ways that are unmistakably relevant to the event

In the drive to create disruptive conferences, stand-out content truly is king – whether you’re working on team engagement, a digital exhibition, a product launch, or a sales conference. And what you put out there matters before, during and after the event. 

Here are some ideas for strategic, outcomes-based conference content that works:

  1. Original, authentic multimedia elements that speak to the event’s core message because they were designed specifically for that once-off purpose
  2. Useable and practical direction to solve actual problems back at the office
  3. A consistent, seamless, big-picture narrative that drives the whole event
  4. VR and AR elements that make sense because they’re the best choice for the job, and not just because everyone else is using them
  5. Quality take-home content that gives people a lot more than they bargained for, in bite-size chunks of goodness, on something other than a branded USB stick

And here are some tips:

  1. Try to uncover the questions your conference audience is already asking.
  2. Ask yourself, “What impact do I want the event to have on the industry? What do I want attendees to learn? How do I want them to feel when they leave?”
  3. Remember that your speakers are the foundation of any successful corporate event design. Their expertise makes your event better. Celebrate them. 

Take it from us: Shitty content will sink your event. Don’t take chances. Go deep.