Odd Man Out Poster

What does an average CEO know about theatre? Nothing. But our Megan Willson is no average CEO. And she knows a lot about theatre.

After all, it’s one of the specialist areas of expertise that makes her so good.

Wearing the hats of both CEO and Creative Director of 360 Degrees, Megan is a veteran theatre director and has just unveiled the SA version of a new international play, ODD MAN OUT, by Australian playwright David Williamson.

Here's what two prolific reviewers have said so far:

•    “What makes ODD MAN OUT such a watchable, worthwhile play is the melding together of so many strengths. The dialogue flows fabulously, with real conversations between real if somewhat quirky people… Director Megan Willson has done an excellent job in creating the pace and mood, giving the characters space and time to grow and interact.” - lesleystones.co.za/content/odd-man-out

•    “[A] tightly woven emotional rollercoaster of a play told with frank clarity… simultaneously easy and difficult to watch, and it is the kind of work which will remind you why theatre exists in the world. Almost an advocacy drama, this is a grown up essay on what it takes to fit in. And what can happen if you don’t.” - robynsassenmyview.com/2018/10/03/but-for-the-grace-of-god-this-could-be-you

Presented by Daphne Kuhn of Sandton’s Auto & General Theatre on the Square, ODD MAN OUT features a top South African cast that includes Daniel Janks (The Play That Goes Wrong, Bash and Twilight of the Golds) and Ashleigh Harvey (Avenue Queue, Funny Girl and Bash), with Michéle Levin and Russel Savadier.

It’s funny and sad, beautiful and challenging – and poignantly crafted. We’re proud.

Can you tell?