Gigrig stage.

Let’s talk pop-ups. They’re everywhere. You can’t sneeze without slightly wetting a new shop, bar, restaurant, pool or even hotel … before someone turns that particular page, shutting the temporary hotspot for good. 

The concept of the ‘pop-up’ appeals to our natural curiosity, and the desire to be first to discover something new, or to experience it before it’s gone.

That’s why, in the past decade, we’ve seen pop-ups offering everything from yogurt to cat food. But the trend has also been the inspiration for our own pop-up of sorts, rooted in a more permanent impermanence. 

Introducing our Gig Rig...

A strong tool for building awareness, reaching new audiences, and creating live experiences for any brand, message or entity, the Gig Rig was the clear platform of choice for Huawei Mobile’s #HuaweiJoburgDay 2018.

We ran four mall activations in a single day in early April, providing each audience with the latest music, inviting them to show off their dancing talents on the built-in stage, and leveraging the power of our robust winches to pull off quick-open-and-close-set-ups that took mere minutes. 

After a day that spanned East Rand Mall, Soweto’s Maponya Mall, Newtown Junction in Joburg’s CBD, and Fourways Crossing, the Gig Rig then embarked on a national Huawei Mobile roadshow, covering more than 4500km and hitting five urban hotspots over four consecutive weekends.

With Huawei Mobile and the #HuaweiJoburgDay, we saw evidence of the extent to which pop-ups, born as stop-gap measures during the depths of the financial crisis, have demanded their own place in the branding landscape. 

In short, they just work. Especially when, like our Gig Rig, you can fit it into a parking lot, park a car on it, and then invite a rock band or six dancers onto its solid load-bearing roof. Drop us an email to find out more.