Tree in autumn with sunlight.

Here’s how you can optimise the work space you’re in:

  1. Forget ‘open-plan vs cubicle’ and give people multiple modes of working.
  2. Seriously and actively go paperless, via the cloud, islands of servers, and VPNs.
  3. Everyone responds differently to light. Create an environment where lights can be adjusted individually.
  4. Put in a green lung. Plants and people are scientifically designed to live together.
  5. Create pods for chatting. Talking people are problem-solvers.
  6. Make the space comfortable, but not so comfortable that people never leave. You want a workforce that loves to work but can’t wait to get out and live.
  7. People who work best with silence and solitude should never be forced into a gregarious environment – and visa versa.
  8. The ‘look’ of the space is important, but never at the expense of the ‘feel’. Don’t over-engineer the design.

Bottom line:
Your space needs to evolve now, and as you go. Keeping talking to and listening to your people. Iterate, make changes, upgrade, and grow.

What works for us at 360 Degrees is a single multi-purpose headquarters, where we connect more deeply and can understand both the big picture and the tiny implications. This way, we deliver a more robust product. Team members are entitled to make this home theirs, knowing that all of our conversations are open. We believe that ours is the best way to create a fabric woven of trust, care, and energy.